I need help navigating the site/app, can you help me?

We got you! Click here to visit the how-to tutorial library (needs link to start here page) where you’ll find several videos that guide you through the studio and how best to use it. Please watch these tutorials so you can get the most out of your studio membership!


Who do I reach out to for tech support?

You can connect with us at hello@thejourneyjunkie.com. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through anything related to the studio content.


How do I save and play videos offline?

Videos can be saved for offline use via the studio app! You can download the app on any phone or tablet device, navigate to the class you want to save, click save to my downloads option, and it will be stored under the my downloads tab for later use. Please note, saving content offline is not available via  your desktop computer.


What’s included in my membership?

Each month is considered a new body-mind-soul lesson with a specific focus and teaching, and for 2020, it will always be chakra-based curriculum. The new lesson goes live by the 1st of each month and the materials are published in their entirety (you get the whole package immediately).


Below is a breakdown of your monthly content:

  • 2 full-length yoga classes
  • 1 shorter yoga class (under 20 mins.)
  • 1 pranayama + meditation class
  • Monthly workbook!
  • Monthly class calendar
  • Weekly accountability emails
  • Monthly prize giveaways!
  • Access to private FB group!


Where do I find the new monthly content?

You can find your new monthly materials in two places. On the desktop + mobile version, your monthly content is located on the homepage. In the app version, your monthly content is located in the THIS MONTH tab.


Can I fill out the workbook digitally instead of printing? 

– To fill out the workbook electronically  ????

  1. Download and open the workbook on a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Open document in a PDF reader to type in responses.
  • Once opened, areas that can be filled will be highlighted (usually in blue). Don’t forget to click save before closing the program.

– Don’t know what PDF reader to use? ⬇️

  • On a Mac or Windows computer: Adobe Acrobat Reader (click here to download for free)
  • Mac computers: Preview (comes standard on Mac computers)
  • Please note – Most computers come with a preinstalled PDF reader. Always try to open the document before downloading new programs.
  • Using on Cellphones or Tablets: you may be able to edit the PDF depending on your device. We’re unable to suggest software for all phones/tablets, but most default readers should let you edit.


I feel overwhelmed with the content, I’ve fallen behind, what should I do?

When overwhelm kicks in, we suggest getting into your body and out of your head immediately (aka unroll your mat asap). Use the current class calendar or the class library to help you find a yoga practice, then re-evaluate what’s happening off the mat and re-prioritize your yoga practices. We know it’s not as simple as that, so either email us or tag Allie in the FB group if you’d like more guidance! We are here to brainstorm with you!


How should I use the monthly yoga class calendar? Do I need to use it every day for it to be effective?

Use it to support your journey! Use it every damn day, every other day, combine the recommended class with another class, walking outdoors, or meditation, or schedule the classes around your other movement modalities. The intention is to remove overwhelm when choosing what to practice and help support you in maintaining a consistent yoga practice. There is no right or wrong way to use it, you do you!


Am I missing out by not participating in the monthly recommended reads?

Each body-mind-soul lesson includes recommended reads that were used to develop your monthly materials. Recommended reads are 100% optional and are intended to elevate your experience through personal learning. But again, these are recommendations, not requirements.


How do I enter the monthly giveaway?

You can enter by submitting your information via the monthly giveaway Google Form. This form is sent via email and displayed on BMS Studio app homepage, under the THIS MONTH section (at the very bottom). Each giveaway opens for one week only and winners are selected at random once the giveaway ends! Don’t miss them!


Can my family or friends see my Facebook posts from inside the private group?

Only approved group members can see your posts, but always be sure to check that you’re posting inside the private group before sharing! Please note, you will see studio posts in your main feed, don’t be alarmed, only you and other members have this visibility.


Do I get discounts on any other Journey Junkie courses or retreats?

Studio members receive exclusive discounts to all future JJ programs, goods, and retreats. When these occur, you’ll see special pricing for studio members and also receive a discount code via email.


How do I manage my account information?

To manage your account information and subscription, navigate to the “my accounts page”. From there, you can update your name, email and see all the payment information associated with your account! 


How do I cancel my studio membership?

We are so sad to see you go, please reach out and connect if there’s any way we can better support you. But we also understand life has seasons and people’s needs change too! To cancel your membership, navigate to your account settings to cancel your studio membership. You will remain in the BMS Studio and the private FB group until your final paid month has ended, at which time you’ll be removed from both.


Can I re-enroll after cancelling?

If you cancel your membership, you will not be able to re-enroll until the studio doors re-open, and you forfeit your locked-in studio rate too.