When does the journey begin?

Your journey begins with your “yes”. Upon signup, get you immediate access to the BMS Studio Desktop and App Studio Home, 300+ yoga classes in the Yoga Class Library, 30+ courses in the exclusive Studio Course Library and the private Facebook Group.

There’s so much to discover here! I need help navigating the studio, can you help me?

We got you! If you have questions about content, site navigation or using the app we’re here to help. For any support email the BMS Team directly support@thebodymindsoulstudio.com.

Help, something isn’t working! Who do I reach out to for tech support?

If you’re having trouble with the desktop site: Email us at support@thebodymindsoulstudio.com or use the contact form found here.

If you’re having issues with the app: Click here to submit a ticket directly to our app support team! This form can be found inside your app as well, by clicking the three horizontal lines found in the top left of the main screen.

I’m excited to be here and want to know more about my membership!

We’re happy to have you here! Below is a breakdown of your #studioperks:

  • New courses led by Allie and guest expert yoga teachers released every quarter, with brand new classes and course workbook
  • Access to our live events that help you connect in real time with your studio family
  • BMS Studio Book Club, read alongside your community to take your yoga off the mat
  • Monthly yoga class calendar, curated by Allie to support your on the mat journey
  • A private studio Facebook group to connect with our yoga family
  • The BMS Studio Course Library, with over 30 unique yoga courses ranging in focus from chakra manifestation, yoga philosophy, lunar yoga, and strength building!
  • Our signature Chakra Manifestation Program, located in the course library
  • Access the BMS Studio Class Library, over 300+ yoga classes including past live events and classes from guest teachers! Find what you need on the mat, from restorative to power yoga, meditation to a live art class.
  • Exclusive studio events, like vision board workshops and virtual retreats
  • All our studio content inside the easy to use app

And so much more! We believe in continued evolution here, which means our studio offerings grow alongside us as well. Our team loves to send surprises (the snail mail kind!) and dream up new experiences. Studio members are always the first to hear and receive the best the team has to offer.

Can I download the courses or yoga videos to watch offline?

You can download all workbook materials on both the desktop and the app. You can download video content for offline use within the app only, and you have access to it as long as you are a member.

Do I need any equipment?

Props aren’t required, but we highly recommend them! We use several props in our classes and suggest investing in a minimum of two blocks. We also recommend a yoga strap, bolster, and blanket (these items can be substituted for household items, too).

Can I use the BMS Studio app if I have an Android phone?

Yes! Our app is both Apple and Android friendly! Once you’re a member, you’ll be able to download and sign into our app from either the Apple or Google Play store.

Will the app work on Apple TV or Roku?

No. Currently, the app isn’t being offered for TV services, but you can use AirPlay or Chromecast to display your chosen yoga class on the TV. Lots of our studio members do this, and it’s a great option!

What if I can’t make all the live events?

We’d never expect you to make every class at an in-person yoga studio, and it’s no different here. You do what works for your schedule, your goals, and your current life season.

I’m a beginner. Is this for me?

Yes! Every yoga class includes clear instructions, modifications, and a comfortable pace. We also have 3 studio courses that cover the fundamentals so you can feel confident in every course, class and event! We’re here to help you along the way.

How is this different from Youtube or the free challenges you offer?

This is way more than handstands and half moon poses: we implement yoga on AND yoga off the mat. With your BMS Studio family, you’ll practice asana, learn life-changing philosophies, and offer each other the encouragement and accountability needed to develop new patterns and mindsets.

What if I fall behind?

We’re on a mission to ditch perfectionism together. Whether you miss a book club meeting or a whole course, this community and the yoga practice ask you to begin right where you are.

I’d like to save ink and paper, can the workbooks be filled out digitally?

Yes, we got you! To fill out the workbook electronically:

  • Open the workbook with a PDF reader
  • Use the PDF reader to type in responses
  • Once opened, areas that can be filled will be highlighted (usually in blue). Don’t forget to click save before closing the program.
  • Don’t know what PDF reader to use?
    • On a Mac or Windows computer: Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Mac computers: Preview (comes standard on Mac computers)
    • Please note – Most computers come with a pre-installed PDF reader. Always try to open the document before downloading new programs.
    • Smartphone or Tablet users: you may be able to edit the PDF depending on your device. We’re unable to suggest software for all phones/tablets, but most default readers will let you edit.

Need to update my card! How do I manage my subscription information?

To manage your subscription or account information, navigate to the “my accounts page”. From there, you can update your name, email and see all the payment information associated with your account!

If this doesn’t work for me, can I cancel my membership?

Upon purchase of the annual plan, you are committed to the full payment of $396 with 7 days to cancel your membership. Upon purchase of a monthly plan, you are committed to a monthly payment of $39, which you can cancel or upgrade to an annual plan at any time. All sales are final after the cancellation period, with no exceptions.

If I cancel, can I join again?

Unfortunately, no. Once the registration period is complete, everyone begins class together.