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What if your yoga practice was more than a calorie burning to-do? What if you knew how to use your yoga practice as a daily tool to uplift & support you? What if your yoga practice was actually a roadmap to gain clarity, take action, and achieve great things?


Wanna know how? Hear powerful stories from our studio community members.


I was able to meditate 23 days this month! Some days were 5 minutes, some days were 30, but I was consistent. I have NEVER meditated so much. It felt so refreshing to start my day off this way. My practice has shifted to more meditation and breath work, less asana, but it’s what I needed. I already know my body is strong, but being able to consistently meditate for 23 days is something I’m very proud of!

I haven’t been able to practice physical yoga for months because of rib/ab pain BUT I’ve been practicing meditation & breath work EVERY DAMN DAY. I am so thankful for the BMS Studio’s guidance and inspiration during this time because I would be losing my mind, but I’m not. Seriously. I’m maintaining a conscious, even keel perspective, and still moving towards creating my dreams.

I’ve enjoyed the yoga classes that the studio has to offer. It’s really cool to have an array of classes depending on what my heart feels it needs to practice that day. Whether it was the spring equinox (root chakra classes), lunar series, or the crown chakra classes, I end my practice feeling joyful. I have meditated daily, yay, which makes me super happy, and I’ve been practicing yoga 3-5x a week!