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The Body Mind Soul Studio is an online yoga family that delivers the holistic experience of a brick and mortar studio.

We integrate on-and-off-the-mat yoga teachings into our modern lives. With quarterly courses, weekly live events, and an arsenal of yoga classes and teachings, we’re here to take yoga off the mat and into your daily life. We do the work together and cheer each other on as we reap the life-changing rewards.

discomfort leads to transformation

Over the past seven years, we’ve helped thousands of women build diverse yoga toolkits to overcome fear, recognize their worth, and create fulfilling lives. With long-lived principles, we guide you through the discomfort of re-writing your story and living your true journey.


I’m Allie! Welcome to the fam.

I’m a yoga teacher, self-growth student, freedom-seeker and the founder of Body Mind Soul Studio. Like you, I love the yoga practice, and I know it has more to offer than poses or surface-level promises. But that revelation took some time. My first yoga experience was a Groupon hot yoga class, and I spent the whole class trying not to (a) pass out or (b) throw up the poorly chosen Jimmy John’s tuna sub I had for lunch.

Although I started yoga for the workout, I realized that yoga could change my life.

I leveraged yoga to ditch the cubicle life and experience the world. After years of personal practice, I found my power in teaching thousands of ambitious women how to use yoga as a tool to grow confidence, gain clarity, and pursue a life of fearlessness and purpose.

Today, I serve hundreds of women in their yoga practices through the Body Mind Soul Studio.

Here, my team and I share transformative on- & off-the-yoga mat experiences that empower women to confidently build their own toolkits and lead wholesome, fulfilling lives. I’m most fulfilled when I help you take risks and live the life you deserve.


meet some of the bms studio family


Mindy Abbeduto

Favorite Studio Course:

Lunar Yoga Program

How she takes it off the mat:

Setting a daily intention to use with my daily practice and connecting to that intention often during the day.

Why she loves BMS Studio:

The community support and how it empowers each of us to be our best selves no matter where we are in our yoga or spiritual journeys.


Brittanie Calulian Tulabut

Favorite Studio Course:

Chakra Manifestation program, esp. the Solar Plexus Chakra courses!

How she takes it off the mat:

Daily rituals – movement, meditation, breathing and journaling

Why she loves BMS Studio:

This community nurtures my growth and helps peel back the layers, revealing my authentic self.


Karen Amaden

Favorite Studio Course:

Niyamas & Yamas Yoga Courses

How she takes it off the mat:

I have created a bullet journal that incorporates the lunar cycle. I use it to organize my life. It is my calendar, my intention tracker and my planner.

Why she loves BMS Studio:

This studio truly supports my total being; body, mind and soul.


Zandra Juarez

Favorite Studio Course:

Chakra Manifestation Program

How she takes it off the mat:

I live yoga off the mat everyday by connecting and listening to my body and acting accordingly.

Why she loves BMS Studio:

By providing support and accountability, the studio has been instrumental while going through a challenging transition in my life.

The Buzz from the bms studio

“This group is what makes me feel normal.”

– Suzanne

“I appreciate all the work the whole BMS team does.”

— Micki

“I can’t tell you how much it felt like being in a brick and mortar yoga studio for the live class. You guys have created something very special here.”

– Marjorie

“Third day in a row starting with the yoga class calendar. I am so grateful for this community where we support one another and watch each other grow. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

— Amber

“Grateful beyond measure for discovering you, Allie, this year. Thankful the Universe led me to you, this studio and all I have gained from it.”

— Sarah

“Not only have the majority of my goals for my dream come to fruition, but I have expanded my goals and I am now embarking on a new challenge consulting on mental health for women over forty.”

— Helen

“Thank you so much…you have been the biggest source of inspiration for me this whole year”

— Sarah

“I feel understood here, especially the way we feel about life and what we consider important.”

— Chris

“Thank you to Allie & your team of superheroes for creating the space for me to go deep, get real, be vulnerable, take chances and rise up. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!”

— Tessie

“I gave myself the gift of BMS Studio membership. What a gift it has been. Here I have found community, wisdom and encouragement. Thank you for creating a space where we can all learn, grow and create!”

— Darias

you’re worthy of change.

Join the thousands of women who’ve said “bye!” to their own bullshit and discovered their fullest potential through a yoga-infused community and lifestyle.