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Fall Equinox Workshop

The Fall Equinox Workshop is a journey to celebrate both seasonal and personal transitions through a five-step process; the call to return home to your body and become present, the invitation to harvest your efforts and reflect on your accomplishments, the opportunity to let go and release, the permission slip to be joyous and radiate, and finally, create new beginnings for the next season.

This is a beautiful workshop to be reminded of how incredible you already are, while also creating space for rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation.

Stop dimming your magnificence.

This is the call to celebrate your creations.

Fall Equinox Workbook

• Introduction to seasonal transitions

• Fall Equinox Flow diagram

• Words to guide your transition

• Four seasonal worksheets

Fall Equinox Class Calendar

This yoga class calendar weaves the seasonal transition with the lunar system to create a nature themed experience. Each week centers on a specific energetic quality, helping us to further embody the principles of the workshop journey.

When I savor the nectar of my stillness, I taste the sweetness of my center, I sense the presence in my power.